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Catch up with the latest community news and take a look at what's planned within your local area in the weeks ahead.


In addition to celebrating Holy days and holding regular youth groups, we host a variety of events ranging from social fortnightly coffee clubs to craft days and lively musical and theatrical evening. We also hope to enlarge our schedule of events by offering a diverse mix of engaging activities and social occasions, and we would love to hear from you if you have any ideas about bringing the community together.

Find out more by exploring the links below, then come along and join the fun.  

Latest News 

Stay connected to your community and keep up-to-date with all the latest news.

Discover the latest on the most significant developments within St Paul's Hope Centre, community updates, volunteering opportunities and much more. 

Lightbulb Love Letters

Our social calendar is expanding, and we would love to welcome you along to one of our events. From tantalising cake baking tips workshops to colourful evening events. We are planning an exciting mix of activities and social events suitable for all ages and covering a variety of interests.


Don't delay - find your event today! 

Easter Cake and Painted Eggs
Room Hire

If you are in search of the perfect venue for your special occasion, group, business meeting or an event, then we have a range of space available. As well as our church building, we have two church halls; small and large, which we hire out for events, functions and groups.

Also, if you have an idea for a community event we would love to hear from you.

Applicants in the waiting room

Faith is a personal ongoing relationship with God. Sunday worship and reading the Bible create a sound grounding and connection to your faith, yet it's good to explore the infinite resources available in order to build your own relationship with God, your community and the world around you.

Concert Crowd
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