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5th March 2023 - Weekly Noticesheet

Lent 2 – 7 things God wants us to give up – Giving up Expectations

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Giving Up Expectations

  • Abraham got up and went (Gen 12)

  • Nicodemus (John 3) has a hard time understanding

God’s grace as he is so used to thinking in terms of the religious structure he inhabits. I often share with folk that I am not a religious man, that I do not “do” religion.You see for me the Christian faith is exactly that. FAITH. It is a relationship. A life lived out. God’s call, God’s will. God’s way. Not mine. He loves me; I am important to him. I am not a robot. But he desires I do not follow my will and way, or the worlds. Only his. Trust, dependence, and hope, not in me, but in God through Christ. Not a straitjacket of religiosity. But a life of freedom, with shackles broken, and the fullness of life IN RELATIONSHIP with God himself, through His Spirit, and in the name of Jesus Christ.

Abraham did not really know what would happen next, simply hearing, recognising, and obeying the call to get up and go to where God leads. Leaving the “what next” to God.

Nicodemus however needed to change his thinking to hear God properly. I did not know where following a call to fulltime ministry would lead. God did. God does.

We must let go of worldly (even “churchy”) expectations! Listen, hear, obey, follow. Despite life’s frailties, imperfections, and no guarantee of human prosperity. God’s promise is to be with us throughout.

  • Who guides your life? Your choices, your desires, your actions?

  • Where do you look to for guidance? And how?

  • Are there structures, frameworks (even religious ones) that you need to break free from?

  • Are we willing to give up our own expectations?

  • If God said.... Would you?

  • Share your story of obedience with someone.

Shalom Si

Read the full noticesheet here

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