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4th June 2023 - Weekly Noticesheet

Trinity Sunday (Creation & Climate Week Start).

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Dominion: Supreme authority: Sovereignty ‘the power (as authority) or right (as ownership) to dispose of property’ (Miriam Webster)

Genesis 1:26-28 This eco-week allows us to pause and assess our response to the environmental issues we are currently facing. In Genesis chapter 1 God makes mankind in his own image and gives them dominion (or ruler in other versions) over the fishes, birds, livestock & all creeping things – in fact the whole earth.

Some may see this as an excuse to use the earth's resources, to deplete precious materials, destroy landscapes & not care about the impact on the environment.After all, if we, as mankind, rule or have dominion over it ‘we can do what we like!’ But what makes a good ruler?

Someone who abuses their power? Or Takes advantage of their position and access to resources, and people?

In God we have a perfect example of someone who has dominion, complete power. How does he reign? With grace, love, compassion, whilst also giving us the greatest gift in Jesus Christ.

We also read that after every stage of creation, ‘God saw that it was good.’ God loved what he had created, he was pleased and delighted in it.We must honour that. Godgave us dominion over the earth in order that we might care for it, love it and protect it. So ask yourself, is there anything you can be doing differently to ensure that the earth thrives and doesn’t suffer due to humans' dominion over it?

If you are not sure, look to God and ask him to enlighten you.


Read the full noticesheet, with latest news, events and more here

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