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26th March 2023 - Weekly Noticesheet

Lent 5 – 7 things God wants us to give up – Giving up Our Lives

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Giving Up Our Lives

God brings life from death (Ezekiel 37; John 11).

Physical death is not something to be feared. The hope we have in Christ means that death is but a doorway and a further step onwards in eternity with our Creator God (John 3:15-17). Scripture is full of paradoxes to us.

Jesus teaches that those who try to keep their lives will die, but those who give up their lives for others will live (Luke 17:33)

We are used to thinking in terms of fixed beginning and fixed endings, but the story of Jesus calls us to throw away those rigid categories and embrace God’s larger reality of eternal life that begins now.

  • What does surrendering your life look like?

  • Have you?

  • Will you?

  • What does living in the Spirit mean and look like today?

  • How and why does the gift of eternal living look different to the world around you?

Shalom, Si

Read the full noticesheet here

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