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26th February 2023 - Weekly Noticesheet

Lent 1 – 7 things God wants us to give up – Giving up control

Read the full noticesheet here

As we journey through Lent towards Easter Day, we are following a short series entitled “Giving Up”.The subjects we will encounter are Control; Expectations; Superiority; Enemies; Our Lives; Popularity and Death. Remember all are preceded with the words “Giving Up” as we explore things that God wills us to “give up”. Our noticesheet offering each week will have a combination of short reflective sentences, sometimes some questions and/or statements and you are invited to use them on your own, with your prayer partner or group, your homegroup, or your friends and family. Let us sit at the feet of Jesus...

Today we begin with: Giving Up Control

Adam and Eve thought they knew better and disobeyed God (Gen 3).

Jesus showed the better way by denying his human impulses and temptations and desires, and instead followed God’s will (see his temptation in the wilderness (Mtt 4:1-11) and his struggle in the garden (Mtt 26:36-46).

  • When have you thought you knew best? (and how did it work out for you?)

  • Think about a time you rested on the will of God rather than your own. Share it with someone.

  • How do others see your submission and obedience to God lived out?

  • Ask God to show you his will and way for you today. Then do it!

  • What might you need to relinquish control of, and so follow the better way as Jesus displayed.

Shalom Si

Read the full noticesheet here

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