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25th June 2023 - Weekly Noticesheet

Trinity 3.

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A few years ago, I facilitated courses on parenting. We helped parents address issues and challenges they faced as parents, particularly around the child’s challenging behaviour.

One approach taught was to use a reward rather than a bribe. A bribe comes before the required behaviour and a reward afterwards. Parents were taught how to use a reward to get the required result.This was done by using an if/ then statement. For example: if you tidy your clothes away then you will get half an hour on your game.The hardest part for the parents was usually sticking to this tactic and not giving in.

What the parents also learned was that this method required trust. The child had to trust that the parent would follow through with the reward every time.

In Romans chapter 4 we are reminded that Abraham was promised by God that his offspring would be heir of the world. In this case God’s promise as a parent was different. Abraham did not have to do any task in order to receive his reward. Put simply his reward came from faith and trust not through his actions. If his reward was conditional on his actions, then he was likely to fail. Abraham trusted that God would fulfil his promise. This is to us an example of a right covenant relationship with God. One based on faith, trust, and righteousness.

In the same way we can have this right relationship with God. In the bible we are told to believe in God and follow his son Jesus Christ we will then receive our reward in heaven. We don’t have to do any other tasks to get our reward. When we look at Jesus’s death on the cross where he died for our sins we could, using the If/Then method, say that Jesus’s actions give us our reward.

Do we truly accept that it is not by what we do but by what we believe that we will receive our place in heaven? Or

Do we fill our time doing things to secure our place to the detriment of our relationship with Jesus Christ?


Read the full noticesheet, with latest news, events and more here

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