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23rd July 2023 - Weekly Noticesheet

Passion for Growth.

The death of the Church of England! Really?

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The Archbishop of Canterbury has said that he regards the numerical decline in the Church of England as a personal failure. In a recent statement he said that it is his belief that the Church needed to be more “unapologetic” about its teaching, whatever the moves in Parliament. He suggested that discerning the will of God might involve “refusing to do what the law says”.

“The further decline in the Church is something that, in the end, I count as personal failure. Lots of people tell me I shouldn’t have said that. . . It’s what I feel personally.”

The latest data shows that 423 Church of England churches have closed their doors in the past ten years alone.There are now plans for church buildings to be left ‘fallow’ (whatever that means). In 1950, (the closest records to my birth date), Church of England attendance was 2,000,000. In the mid-1980s, there were 1.26 million active congregational members in the Church of England. That number fell to 690,000 last year.

What about us? Well, I cannot quote exact numbers for the whole benefice but for St. Pauls I know a couple of years ago the membership was 225 adults and it was reported at the latest annual meeting as 163 (-28%).

What can we do to stem our decline. I believe that it’s going to depend on who we are rather than what we do. We must get back to basics, total acceptance of Jesus as saviour, following the pattern of His lifestyle, total reliance on His received word in the Bible, following as He did the acceptance of the teaching in the Old Testament and praying through Him to inspire us in the methods used to spread faith in Him.


Read the full noticesheet, with latest news, events and more here

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