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27th November - Weekly Noticesheet

Advent Sunday – The Church’s New Year

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New Year Resolutions

The glory of our churches is not only its profusion of bibles, but its Protestant liberty of studying and spreading the truth without persecution, molestation, or hindrance. The word of God is within the reach of everyone, and neither the reading nor the circulation of it is forbidden by law.

The privilege, won for us by the toil and blood of our fathers, is a prime element of our national liberty. Does this remain the truth, if so, how long will it last?

Many of our churches hoped that by staying quiet, or worse conceding the uniqueness of Jesus Christ and on the big cultural issues of the day, it would forge a place for Christians within the new order. Instead, we have been led adrift in the societal sickness, without a voice and unable to protect those in our care. Every time we’ve compromised, we’ve bolstered the world’s false story about what it means to be human. Thereby abandoning the life-giving truth that to be human is to be made in God’s image and for His glory.

The secular humanist agenda gripping our nation will collapse. It has unleashed damage. Families and marriages have been devastated and confusion reigns. Even now society is beginning to realise these failures. Our churches can be countercultural communities bringing hope.

Do we believe that out of the ashes of a broken society church members will be able to speak of miracle stories of restoration, that only Jesus can bring? Are we ready? Ready to count the cost? Ready for gritty care of the victims of a broken society? Ready to reshape according to the holiness, love, justice, and purity found in Christ the King.

The message hasn’t changed. Dry bones hear the word of the Lord and live. As we move into the Church’s new year, is this the time to make our spiritual new year resolutions?


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