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18th December - Weekly Noticesheet

Advent 4 – Nativity and Carol Services

For full noticesheet please click here

A (not exhaustive) list based on the nativity for to us reflect on:

- 1st “nativity scene” was reputedly by St Francis of Assisi in 1223. Inspired by a visit to the Holy Land he created a “living nativity” with real actors and real animals.

- The word “nativity” comes from the Latin “nativus”which means “born”.

- Mary and Joseph were married (Jewish culture has betrothal/engagement as married, just not consummated).

- Bethlehem is where Rachel was buried and also known as the city of David as it was where King David was born.

- The manger was likely a feed box or similar.

- 25th Dec is when we celebrate, but the date is more likely to have been between Sept-Oct.

- The Angel of the Lord spoke to shepherds first.

- The Bible never mentions an Inn keeper.

- Although shepherds are mentioned. No animals are.

- The wise men missed the birth! It is generally accepted the house the wise men went to, had Jesus around 2 years of age.

- Scripture lists 3 gifts but not the number of wise men. o These gifts were prophetic:

- Gold is a symbol of Christ’s kingship on earth and represents royalty.

- Frankincense is a symbol of Christ’s deity (it was used in the temple to express gratitude)

- Myrrh is a symbol of death (traditionally used as embalming oil and later used on Jesus after taking him off the cross).

- John and Jesus were cousins.

- Dreams played a key role in the protection of Jesus. Some of the MANY things the nativity story shows us of God:

  • Humility (Cradle not Palace).

  • Anything is possible with God!

  • God often works in what we might regard as strange ways.

  • God’s way is always the best way.

  • Biblical prophecies are always fulfilled.

  • God makes it simple for all to come to Him.

  • Christ's birth changed the world.

  • God's plans don't always lead to easy journeys.

Shalom, Si

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