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16th April 2023 - Weekly Noticesheet

Easter 2

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When 3’s not a crowd

The Risen Christ joins two disciples on their journey to Emmaus, wandering along with them and chatting with them as he joined in with their conversation about recent events. But of course, as we hear, they don’t recognize Him at all at the time. As they journeyed along together chatting, he explained to them how much of the scriptures foretold what was going to happen to Jesus, and how His death was necessary and questioned their foolishness in being slow to believe what the prophets had spoken.

Once in Emmaus, they invited Him to dinner.Though not the host, Jesus still broke the bread and blessed it. This act helped them recognize him as Jesus, and Jesus simply vanished in front of their eyes. The disciples recounted that when he had been explaining the scriptures to them their hearts felt as if on fire. It was as if they were saying to themselves “how did we not recognise him then! Doh!” They then ran back to Jerusalem to tell the apostles that they had witnessed the resurrected Jesus.

Aside from displaying how we can be blinded even when in the presence of Jesus. Or the humility and grace Christ displayed in journeying with the two disciples where they were before showing himself clearly to them. The passage also reinforces the place of Communion. “Breaking bread” is how the early Christians called the Eucharist. Jesus “took bread, blessed and broke it, and gave it to them.” And here it was when they “broke bread with Jesus” that their sadness disappeared, they encountered the real presence of Jesus, they recognised him, and were filled with the fire and joy of the Holy Spirit.

Breaking bread opens our eyes and our heart to experience Jesus in His fullness.

Shalom Si

Read the full noticesheet here

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