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2019 - A Benefice Journey

Deeper RootsGreener LeavesAfter two year-long Benefice journeys, we take an opportunity for the coming year being divided into a number of short term themes. Still following the same weekly theme together, but having the delight of several themes during the course of 2019 instead of one.


The last 2 years have seen us engage with the lyfe series from Bible Society (2017), and currently a series on the Nicene Creed (2018).


It is however, always good to mix things up a little. So, this coming year, we will be following a variety of different themes, with contributions from around our Benefice Leadership Team (Thank you).

The following information links to the series of sermons we are engaging with during 2019.  A journey in discovering and deepening our faith. If you wish to access the sermon audio files please click the link hereIf you want to download the calender detailing our weekly sermon headings and bible readings please click the link here.