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2017 - A Benefice Journey

Deeper RootsGreener LeavesDeeper Roots = Greener Leaves

Digging deeper into God, and being intentional in our individual discipleship activities, has a direct impact and influence upon the way we interact with each other, and the world around us. During 2017 our Benefice will use the Bible Society’s Lyfe programme, a one year bible exploration, offering training material and resources that cover six distinct areas of Christian life. The Lyfe programme helps people, both individually, and in the context of church and small groups, to discover a deeper life with God as they live as apprentices and students of Jesus. Lyfe resources help people to grow holistically and to experience a transforming relationship with God through Scripture and spiritual practices that have inspired and sustained Christians throughout the centuries. 

All ‘lyfe’ logo’s materials and videos are reproduced and made available with permission of the Bible Society.